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The website www.myGalaxy.gr (referred hereinafter as “Website”) has been designed and developed by SINGULARLOGIC ANONIMI ETAIRIA PLIROFORIAKON SISTIMATON KAI EFARMOGON PLIROFORIKIS (referred hereinafter as “SingularLogic”). The Website provides information and/or services and/or products to the visitors/users of the Website.

This Website will only be used by users/visitors having full active legal capacity.

The visitor/user of this Website must read carefully these Terms of Use before using this Website’s content as well as its individual SST. If s/he does not agree, s/he should refrain from using or visiting this Website. Otherwise, it is presumed that s/he fully accepts and consents to the terms hereinafter set forth, which apply to the whole content of this Website. The user/visitor may not modify or distort these Terms of Use and any specific terms of service. If the use of any service provided under this Website is governed by specific terms of use, such terms shall apply in conjunction with these Terms of Use. In case of conflict, the specific terms of use of each service shall always prevail.

At any time, SingularLogic may temporarily discontinue the operation of this Website and amend its terms and conditions of use. Visitors/users are obliged to check for any amendments made to these Terms of Use. Continuing the usage of the Website after any such amendments shall mean that the visitors/users accept those modified terms and conditions. Otherwise they should refrain from using/visiting this Website.


Unless it is otherwise defined in the present terms or the SST of a separate MyGalaxy service, the following words or expressions will have the following meaning:

“Data” are considered all the text, audit or image files, that the user sends or saves in one or more myGalaxy Applications while using myGalaxy services; also, the data that are edited using myGalaxy functions.

“Registered User” is the person that has completed the registration process in myGalaxy.

“Verified User” is the person whose identity and data have been verified.

“myGalaxy service” is the access rights for using one or more myGalaxy Applications or/and one or more myGalaxy Libraries.

“myGalaxy” is a web, cloud & mobile myGalaxy application and myGalaxy Libraries.

“myGalaxy Application” is a software application functioning in myGalaxy environment either either on its own or in connection with other systems and/or services and/or applications by SingularLogic and/or other companies.

“myGalaxy Content” indicates the content of the site www.myGalaxy.gr and includes myGalaxy Applications and myGalaxy Libraries.

“myGalaxy Libraries” means the content that is displayed and accesible from myGalaxy, excluding myGalaxy Applications. It can contain written texts, policies, prospectus and audit and image files.

“SingularLogic” is the anonymus company under the name “SingularLogic SA of Information systems and Software applications”, whose main office is in Athens, Kifisia, on Ahaias 3 & Trizinias Street, P.C. 145 64, with TIN 997985169 and according to the ν. 2251/1994. It is recorded in the special Supplier registry with number Ζ-21825/2-12-2010. 

“SST(Specific Service Terms)” mean the specific terms of using a myGalaxy service and/or myGalaxy services category groups.


Creating myGalaxy Account

For browsing myGalaxy no registration is required. However to access and use certain myGalaxy services, the user needs to register in myGalaxy via e-mail and a password. When you complete the registration process, within which you accept the present terms, the Visitor/User becomes Registered User.

The registered user has the responsibility to select and preserve the secrecy of the password he uses to access myGalaxy services and frequently change it for security reasons.

The user, apart from the registration to myGalaxy, must also create a myGalaxy Account using the appropriate process. To create a myGalaxy Account, the user needs to define all the data related to the issue of the invoice for the appropriate charges.

The Registered User who creates myGalaxy Account guarantees that the information provided to create the account are true, accurate, complete and up to date, and he will immediately change them if they are modified. Furthermore, the registered user when creating the myGalaxy Account vouches he commits and represents the person for whom he creates the account.

The registered user has sole responsibility for using the account, is responsible for every action performed under his password and is required to logout after each use. SingularLogic has no responsibility for any damage occurring from a unauthorized use of an account. The registered user is required to inform SingularLogic in case of an incident of a non-authorized account use, password use or any other security breach.

Informative messages

The registered user gives his consent to SingularLogic to send him information emails concerning myGalaxy Content and/or new programs of SingularLogic, advertising material for products, services or programs of SingularLogic and affiliate companies. The registered user is required to check his email account regularly for SingularLogic messages concerning the access and use of myGalaxy services.

Deleting the account

The registered user has the responsibility to delete his account following the process described in the related myGalaxy module. SingularLogic has no responsibility for any damage that may occur to the registered user, if he deletes his own account. Is should be noted that in case of the account’s deletion from the registered user, SingularLogic deletes the data that have been saved in myGalaxy Services that the registered user had the rights to use through myGalaxy. The registered user is required to inform SingularLogic in case there is an unauthorized deletion of his account.

myGalaxy Services


Unless otherwise specified in an SST of myGalaxy Service, each myGalaxy Service is provided "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" without any warranty of fitness for any purpose, uninterrupted availability, security of data and absence of errors. Unless otherwise specified in an SST of myGalaxy Service, SingularLogic does not guarantee that myGalaxy Service will meet the user requirements. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, SingularLogic disclaims all liability that may be associated with guarantees, conditions or response myGalaxy Service to specific properties or specifications. 

SingularLogic can update myGalaxy Services in order to add new function or upgrade existing ones. When updating a myGalaxy service there can be short or longer stops of myGalaxy, during which the user may not be able to access his saved data, while it is probable to  involuntary delete your data, partially or in whole. SingularLogic will try to minimize the periods of shutting myGalaxy services and avoid the deletion of the data, but does not guarantee the success of these tries. SingularLogic is not responsible for any damage the user undergoes from using myGalaxy services, or from being unable to use them, from delays, or shutdowns.

Terms - Limitations - Required infrastructure

Depending on the Service of myGalaxy, acquiring it and using it may require installing another SingularLogic program on the user’s infrastructure and maintaining the releases of this program and the special requirements on the SST of the corresponding myGalaxy service.

Using myGalaxy from the user requires a browser that is compatible to myGalaxy. The browsers that are compatible to myGalaxy are mentioned in Compatible Browsers.

Furthermore, depending on the Service of myGalaxy, its use may be subject to time and/or quantitative restrictions (for example, a maximum monthly transaction number or a definitive end date etc.) and it may require having a specific infrastructure according to the SST.

Additionally according to myGalaxy Service, it can be used only from certified users, in which case the registered user must go through the data authorization process, providing SingularLogic with all the appropriate certifications.   

Availability levels – myGalaxy Services Helpdesk

According to the kind of service of myGalaxy, agreed availability levels of myGalaxy Service are provided according to the SST or any availability to be provided if there is no reference to the SST. 

Furthermore, according to myGalaxy service there can be helpdesk services provided, according to the SST and/or not have any helpdesk services provided according to myGalaxy.


The duration of a provided license of a myGalaxy service can be defined or undefined, can be dependent and/or related to the duration of the license of another SingularLogic program and/or the released version. In any case, the duration of the invoked user license of myGalaxy Service is defined during its acquisition process and according to the SST. 

Method of myGalaxy Services distribution – Charges – Payment

myGalaxy Services can be free of charge or with charge  – according to SingularLogic business policy and the SST of each Service of myGalaxy.

The free services can refer to the total or a number of functions of myGalaxy services, and they can be provided under restrictive terms. They can depend on a number of factors, such as, the number of customers/transactions, the total volume of the data saved in myGalaxy service, the duration of the user license of myGalaxy, the number of users etc.

In any case, the restrictive terms, which may be active in a myGalaxy service, will be described clearly in the SST of myGalaxy service.

Additionally, the Services myGalaxy provided under charge can incorporate different functionality levels and be subject to restrictive terms and different levels of provided functionality, connected to certain measurable factors and limits and accompanied to different charges. The relative charges and the calculation method for these services will be defined in the SST of any such service of myGalaxy.

The charge and payment for the myGalaxy services may be done in advance in a lump sum and/or partially for specific time periods for the provided myGalaxy service and/or in outturn at the discretion of SingularLogic, in specific time periods for use and charge (e.g. monthly, trimester, semester, yearly etc.) and only according to the SST and the agreed terms during the acquisition process.

For the charge, it is possible to issue an invoice even in an electronic format.

The registered user is obliged to pay each charge within the deadline defined in the SST or during the acquisition, unless it is otherwise stated in the acquisition process. In any case, a payment deadline of a charge is calculated based on the issue date of the invoice. The registered user accepts that a payment outside the deadline can lead to the discontinuation of the user rights of myGalaxy services. SingularLogic is not obliged to alert the registered user for the discontinuation of myGalaxy services due to non-payment of related charges.

As for the payment methods, the full payment of myGalaxy services can occur:

  • With a direct debit, with an authorization of the registered user to the carrier responsible for his payments (bank account, credit card etc.)
  • With a deposit to a bank account, where the registered user is obliged to define specific information as a payment’s cause.
  • Using a payment code issued by SingularLogic, which can be used by payment institutions for a direct payment
  • Using a credit, debit or prepaid card or any other acceptable payment method.

Selecting a payment method occurs during the acquisition process or is defined in the SST.

For all myGalaxy Services provided under charge, the related charge terms will be defined in the SST. Accepting the present terms from the registered user and the corresponding SST of a myGalaxy service, automatically implies the registered user accepts the charges on behalf of the owner of myGalaxy Account. 


The entire Website content (including but not limited to: texts, graphics, information, data, drawings, illustrations, trademarks, distinctive signs, names, logos, product and services names, company names etc.) is the intellectual property of SingularLogic or its suppliers-partners, is governed by all applicable national, EU and international intellectual property law provisions and is available to its users solely for non commercial, non-profitable personal use.

The user/visitor may not copy, duplicate, transfer, save, alter, reproduce, transmit, distribute, lease, publish, execute, download, translate, modify in any way, disclose, disseminate or make use of the Website content in any other way or means, for commercial or other purposes, in part or collectively, without SingularLogic's prior written consent. SingularLogic reserves any legal and/or contractual right it may have against third parties, other than those explicitly referred to in this section.

Any and all other trademarks, distinctive signs, product names, company names, graphics and logos on this Website are registered trademarks and intellectual property rights of third parties; they belong to their lawful owners, are their own responsibility and their displaying on the Website does not and should not be considered as transferring or licensing or granting the right to use thereof.


n no event is SingularLogic liable vis-à-vis the visitor/user for the content/services provided by third party websites, the hyperlinks or advertisements thereof that are posted on the Website, nor does it guarantee the availability thereof, or is liable for any damage that may be incurred as a result of their usage, since the visitor/user accesses such third party websites at his/her own risk. Issues that may be incurred upon accessing /visiting third party websites to which this Website transfers to are subject to the exclusive responsibility of the respective websites and the visitor/user should address any issues to them.


If the visitor/user wants to subscribe to the service(s) of this Website, s/he agrees to:

  • provide true, accurate, valid and complete information regarding the details requested on the applications for the creation of an account which will enable access to the contents/services of this Website.
  • maintain his/her registration details true, accurate, up-to-date and complete.

The visitor/user of the Website is responsible for choosing and not disclosing his/her secret codes, username and password s/he uses to access Website pages. The user will be solely responsible for any theft, loss or disclosure in any other way of the username and password s/he uses to access his/her account. The visitor/user agrees to promptly notify SingularLogic regarding any unauthorised use of the account thereof and any actual and/or potential security breach. The visitor/user is solely responsible for accessing his/her account and for logging out after every session.

SingularLogic makes every possible endeavour to ensure that the Website operates smoothly, but in no event does it guarantee that the operation of this Website will be uninterrupted and/or trouble-free.  Therefore, SingularLogic does not bear any responsibility for any damage that may be incurred to the visitors/users of this Website, which is related to the operation of the Website. The visitor/user accepts that SingularLogic may modify and/or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the Website given that the availability and operation of the Website can be affected by communication networks, the great number of visitors/users trying to access the website concurrently or other reasons beyond SingularLogic’s reasonable control or reasons that are caused by chance or force majeure events. Therefore, SingularLogic assumes no liability for any damage (whether incidental, consequential, contractual or other, including negligence) arising from the use of this Website or the inability of the users to gain access to, the termination of all or part thereof, the delay in the interruption of its services or the loss of content thereof. SingularLogic stresses to the visitor/user that s/he should make daily backups of data they enter in the Website and in the services provided or served through the Website.

The visitor/user will abstain from any unlawful, contrary to business ethics, illegal and abusive use of the contents and services of the Website and will not act or fail to act in a way that could cause damage or malfunction to the Website or third parties, or affect or put at risk the provision of services by SingularLogic.

By way of example, and not as a limitation, visitors/users agree that when using the Website, they will not:

  • Cause damage to any third person, whether adult or minor.
  • Transmit or gain access to content that infringes upon any third party right or violates the law or the business ethics.
  • Gain access, disseminate, edit, modify and, in general, infringe in any way upon the personal data of other users/visitors or third parties.
  • Jeopardise the safety of the Website.
  • The user/visitor will be solely responsible for using this Website and for any damage suffered by the user/visitor or any third party arising out of or relating to the aforementioned use. The user/visitor will also indemnify, defend and hold SingularLogic harmless from any claims which may arise by any third party as a result of using this Website.

    In the event of any unlawful or prohibited use as such is determined by these Terms of Use and the applicable law, the visitor/user will indemnify SingularLogic for any incidental and/or consequential damages suffered as a result of the aforementioned actions.

    The visitor/user will bear sole responsibility for all communications with third service providers who advertise on the Website and for any commercial transactions that may result therefrom.


    SingularLogic provides myGalaxy Services and the related support services (if exist) “As Is” and “As Available” with “Any Errors and Mistakes”. Any potential adverse concerning the quality, performance and Data Availability from myGalaxy services burdens the user. Unless it is specifically defined in the SST, SingularLogic makes no statement or warrantee for myGalaxy services and related support services (If they exist). SingularLogic wavers any statements or warrantees, explicit, implied or statutory indicatively including:  statements or warranties of merchantability, suitability for specific purpose, response to specific properties or specifications, construction quality, accuracy, sufficiency, statements or warrantees  that the access or use of myGalaxy services will be uninterrupted, error free or secure, or that using myGalaxy services will be reliable and accurate including indicatively storing, reading, updating or deleting the Data. 


    This Website may use cookies for the purpose of identifying the visitor/user.  Cookies are small text files that are saved to the visitor’s/user’s hard drive. They are not used to store or collect any document or file from their computer; their sole purpose is to facilitate the visitor’s/user’s access to certain web pages or Website services. The visitor/user of the Website may configure their browser in such a way as to alert him/her of the use of cookies on specific pages of the Website or enable him/her to accept the use of cookies in any case. If the visitor/user of the Website does not wish to accept cookies that inform SingularLogic of his/her identity, s/he cannot have further access to these services.

    You can read more about SingularLogic policy about cookies by clicking <a href="www.myGalaxy.gr/cookies" target="_blank">here</a>


    SingularLogic makes every effort with up to date and technically advanced methods, to ensure maximum security of the data that the Visitors/Users of the site register. These processes protect the data of the Visitors/Users from any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse, and alteration or destruction. myGalaxy services use SSL(SecureSocketLayer) technology, with a 1024/2048 bit encryption. SSL technology is based on a key code to encrypt data before they are sent through the (SSL) connection. The screening process between the data and the Server is performed using the unique key code, completely ensuring the communication. The Visitor/User of myGalaxy is able to confirm he is on a page with an active encryption if the “http” of the site address shows “https” and at the same time at the bottom of the page, the locket icon is displayed.


    SingularLogic reserves the right to modify the present terms and the SST of the individual myGalaxy Services at any time. Such changes, modifications, additions or deletions to the terms and conditions of using myGalaxy and unless otherwise specified will take effect immediately, i.e. from posting / publishing to the site www.myGalaxy.gr. SingularLogic, without being obliged, may send an information email regarding an occurred or upcoming modification of the present terms and/or the SSΤ, or notify the user in a different method. In case the user does not agree with the modified terms of use or the modified SST is obliged to not use myGalaxy and/or the specific myGalaxy service.


    The management and protection of personal data of the Visitor / User including the Registered/Certified User of myGalaxy is governed by the terms of the present document and the related rules of the Greek and European law regarding the protection of individuals against the processing of personal data, as well as the decisions of the Data Protection Authorities.

    In any case, SingularLogic reserves the right to change the privacy terms without notice, in accordance with the applicable legislation. All the users of myGalaxy are requested to check at regular intervals these terms for any changes, since the use of the site implies that they accept all the possible modifications of these.

    SingularLogic collects the personal information of the users of the website www.myGalaxy.gr, which they voluntarily register, and takes all necessary measures to safeguard the confidentiality of the data, which shall be communicated to third parties only if it is authorized or ordered by the law and / or necessary authorities.

    The personal information collected depend on the requested myGalaxy service and can be full name, father’s name, TIN, tax office address, phone number, e-mail. On occasion and depending on the requested myGalaxy service, only some of the data may be defined.

    SingularLogic is possible to process part or all of the personal information data of Users with the purpose of providing myGalaxy Services and for informational and statistical purposes and the improvement of services. The Visitors/Users of the site state during their registration process that these data are valid, accurate and true, and give their consent to SingularLogic to use them and let any affiliate or subsidiary use them for the above purposes. The Visitors/Users and/or Registered/Certified Users are solely responsible for any registration of personal third party data to the site, without the relevant authorization / consent, and for making false, incorrect or inaccurate information and data for deception or misleading. SingularLogic reserves the right to seek compensation from the User, in case it suffers any loss from the breach of the present terms, to deny providing a username (password) or to cancel an appointed password or terminate the provision of myGalaxy services.

    In any case the User of the website  www.myGalaxy.gr has a right of access and objection (including correction) of any recorded personal data that concern him and are being processed. For this purpose, any request should be addressed in writing to Singularlogic.


    These terms and conditions are governed by the Greek Law provisions, as currently in force, and are construed in accordance with the doctrine of good faith and business ethics and provided that the right being exercised serves its normal economic and social purpose. If a term is determined to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remainder of these Terms of Use will remain in full force and effect. No failure by SingularLogic to exercise any of its rights under these Terms of Use will constitute or be deemed a waiver of those rights.

    Any dispute arising out of or in relation to the implementation of these Terms of Use will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Greek courts.