Who we are

SingularLogic is the leading Greek Enterprise Software Solutions provider and one of the largest Integrated IT Solutions Groups in Greece.  Its activities comprise of the development and distribution of Enterprise Software applications, outsourcing services, design, implementation and support of Integrated IT Solutions of Global leading Vendors for large enterprises of the private and public sector.

SingularLogic, member of Marfin Investment Group, has highly skilled personnel with specialized know how.  It has a broad product and solutions portfolio, a dynamic national distribution network and a large installed base, while it has implemented big scale IT projects in the private and public sector, nationally and internationally.

SingularLogic Group has subsidiaries in Cyprus and Romania.  Members of the SingularLogic Group are the specialized companies, PCS - Professional Computer Services that provides advanced solutions for Financial Institutions, SystemSoft that specializes in IT Solutions and IT Services for SMEs of the private sector, as well as SenseOne, which develops and delivers innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.